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 ProRat 2.0 Special Edition

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PostSubject: ProRat 2.0 Special Edition   ProRat 2.0 Special Edition Icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2008 11:33 pm

ProRat 2.0 Special Edition


1. You May use this file for any none commercal use.

2. You May redistrubute this file aslong as you give full credits to its authors ( I.E this notice must stay intact! and preferably you should let us know.

3. You may not claim any of our files as your own.

4. If this file is not our own we are not trying in any way to claim it but please do visit!

Enjoy its virus free but technicaly pro rat 2.0 se is detected as a virus by antivirus programs but disable it for now when using ...

i have removed the trojan so nothing will infect you !

put this on external drive e.g usb then run then u wont get infected .


Code: Select all ProRatv2_1_.0.rar

Updated official version orignal release by the prorat goup : ProRat2_1_.0.rar
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ProRat 2.0 Special Edition
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